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Regulations   Articles

Regulations and monographs, written and contributed by the staff of CJSC SPA "Technoservice-Electro"

Acoustic control of bit processes in insulators
Amounts and standards for testing of electrical equipment
The book lists the frequency, scope and standards testing of generators, motors, transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment of power stations and grids.
Repair of power transformers with a long service life
Degtyarev S. A., Dolin A.P., Candidate of Technical Sciences, SPA "Technoservice-Electro" Smekalov VV, Candidate of Technical Sciences, CJSC "Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System", published in the Russian industrial-technical magazine "Electro" in January 2004
Open distribution systems with rigid bus-bar
The design of a rigid bus-bar switchgear 110-750 kV. Shows the layout, plans, diagrams fill cuts ORU with hard tires. The analysis of the solutions in the domestic and foreign practice of design. The features of the selection and calculation of bus-bar switchgear, theoretical and experimental results.
Calculation of rigid bus-bar of switchgears
For professionals involved in the design of power plants and power industries.
Methods and tools for diagnosing high voltage equipment
The principles of construction of the technical diagnostic system for high voltage electrical equipment. Sets out the physical fundamentals of testing insulation of live parts and contacts. The focus is on the description of specific measurement techniques and equipment.