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SERGI France

SERGI France specialize in development and production of explosion protection and fire-extinguishing systems for oil transformers with the capacity under 1000 МVА  and higher, as well as for on on-load tap chargers and oil bushing cable boxes.

Explosion protection and fire-extinguishing system for transformers
The system TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) represents solution against explosion on transformers.
During short-circuit failure the system TP activates within milliseconds under the influence of the first dynamic peak pressure shock wave, preventing explosions on transformers up to static pressure increase.
It allows:
- to depressurize the tank within milliseconds;
- not to get in contact of evacuating explosive gases (hydrogen, ethine, etc.) with air (oxygen);
- to separate gases from oil;
- to lead away explosive gases to safe distance from transformer;
- to displace flammable gases from transformer by nitrogen injection to the tank and other adjacent equipment;
- to secure the transformer quickly for further repair process after short-circuit failure. Французской компании SERGI специализируется на разработке и производстве системы предупреждения взрывов и тушения пожаров на масляных трансформаторах мощностью до 1000 МВА  и выше, а также их регуляторах напряжения под нагрузкой и вводах.

Economic impact:
- Prevents oil ignition at the transformers and surrounding equipment
- Helps reduce the transformer repair time after an internal failure
- Prevents pollution
- Eliminates the risk of accidents
- Reduces downtime associated with replacement of transformer
- Reduces the high cost of purchasing electricity to perform its contractual obligations
- Eliminates the problems associated with public opinion


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