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Reconstruction of the oil farms and life extension of power oils

SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-Electro" offers a set of works on the reconstruction of oil facilities, upgrade of standard equipment for cleaning and regeneration of working fluids, extension of the life of electrical, turbine and industrial oils in power equipment of power plants and networks, as well as other industries. 

The proposed works include:

1. Implementation of high-tech technologies of cleaning and energy recovery of oils, with focus on specific conditions and requirements of the Customer.

2. Upgrade of standard equipment for cleaning and regeneration of oils, consumer oil supply schemes in order to increase effectiveness.

3. Development and implementation of measures to stabilize the oils, working in the technological systems of power equipment, with different compositions of additives in order to improve the performance characteristics and service life.

4. Improving the system of monitoring of the quality of oil, implementation and commissioning of modern instruments and methods of analysis of oils as well as the diagnostics of oil systems of power equipment.

5. Organizing the delivery of modern and highly reliable means of purification and regeneration of oils of domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as "PALL" (USA), "Filtram", "Technoservice-electro", "Vtornefteprodukt", "Electrum" Russia, "Elmotehnologii" Ukraine etc.

Depending on the customer's requirements and current specification, the following can be supplied:

- Filtration systems and filter elements for the fine filter (fineness from 1 to 40 microns)

- Vacuum and adsorption plants for deep drying and degassing of oils,

- Various technological units for oil preparation for filling,

- Installations and equipment for oil regeneration and input of additives

- Other equipment.

The cost of works is determined basing on a prior request from the Customer, which should contain detailed background information on the current oil facilities, oil-purifying equipment and specific conditions of use of oils on the basis of the survey of Customer’s enterprise by personnel of SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" on uncertain issues.