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Implementation of the system of control of electrical insulation characteristics

Acoustic testing of instrument transformers

Acoustic testing of cable joints and bushings in the switchgears

Acoustic testing of the switchgears

Acoustic testing of power transformers

Acoustic testing of busducts

New approaches to monitoring of the technical condition of the switchgear equipment



1. Purpose

1.1. УП500-VECTOR unit is designed for operational control of insulation inputs of transformer under operating voltage. Controlled parameters: current through the input and dielectric loss tangent.

1.2. Operating conditions of devices included in the set of УП500-VECTOR:

for connecting shunts:

- Ambient temperature (operating and limit values) - from -60 ° C to +40 ° C;

- Relative humidity - 100% at 25 ° C;

- Atmospheric pressure (725 ± 75) torr.


for УП500 instrument panel and "Vector-2.0M":

- Ambient temperature (operating and limit values) - from -10 ° C to +40 ° C;

- Relative humidity - 80% at 15 ° C;

- Atmospheric pressure (725 ± 75) torr.

1.3. Connecting shunts are vibration resistant when exposed by sinusoidal vibration at a frequency of 100 Hz during acceleration up to 10 m/s2.

2. Technical data

2.1. Features of connecting shunts:

- Current through input insulation from 5 to 100 mA;

- Insulation resistance of at least 2 MW.


2.2. Features of panel УП500:

- Separation transformer’s reference channel transformation ratio 6,06:1;

- Co = 100000 pF;

- There are grounders of connecting shunts and a switch of measured phases.

2.3. Device characteristics for "VECTOR-2.0M" are given in technical passport.


3. Structure of the device

УП500-VECTOR device:

- Connecting shunts in three pieces, mounted on the output PIN of each of the three controlled inputs;

- (Under load) transformer inputs insulation control panel (panel УП500), mounted on a substation control board;

- A measuring instrument of the insulation characteristics ("VECTOR-2.0M");

- Coaxial radiofrequency cable RG-58, laid in metal hose from the transformer inputs to the panel УП500, which connects outputs of connecting shunt and terminals of panel УП500;

- UTP-5 cable that connects the secondary circuits of voltage transformers connected to the controlled inputs and the corresponding terminals of panel УП500.