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CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" provides all types of installation and repair work on the transformers with voltage of 35 - 750 kV. The company has a complete set of technological equipment and qualified personnel for the production of these works. Our service includes the following:

  1. mounting of new power transformers of any size, including works on the conservation of the transformer equipment for long term storage,
  2. overhaul and refurbishment of power transformers (autotransformers), including on-site work to replace coils and dry the paper-oil insulation,
  3. modernization of obsolete transformers, including replacement and installation of new parts and components,
  4. works with transformer oil oil-filled processing equipment and oil facilities with mobile units, including works on drying, purification from mechanical impurities, degassing, recovery and stabilization of oils. As well as work on drying of the sorbent, used in the operation of oil facilities and oil-filled equipment.
  5. lifting work which encompasses lifting and moving of any heavy transformer equipment on site.
  6. insulation drying technology.




Modernization of obsolete transformers, including works on replacement and installation of new parts and components.

CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" has many years of experience in conducing works on the reconstruction of the individual components of the transformer equipment by performing the following:

- replacement of 110-750 kV transformer bushings of outdated design to a more modern,
- replacement of transformer bushings up to 35 kV of outdated design to a more modern,
- replacement of obsolete switching devices of changer type to a more modern type of MR prod. Germany,
- replacement of the transformer oil moisture protection with the installation of a film protection system,
- replacement of obsolete tank valves and transformer cooling system to a more modern,
- replacement of transformer protective tube to a safety valve,
- replacement of the transformer instrumentation (TAP-160, gas and safety relays, switch oil gauges)
- installation of transformer monitoring equipment.

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