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CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" provides all types of installation and repair work on the transformers with voltage of 35 - 750 kV. The company has a complete set of technological equipment and qualified personnel for the production of these works. Our service includes the following:

  1. mounting of new power transformers of any size, including works on the conservation of the transformer equipment for long term storage,
  2. overhaul and refurbishment of power transformers (autotransformers), including on-site work to replace coils and dry the paper-oil insulation,
  3. modernization of obsolete transformers, including replacement and installation of new parts and components,
  4. works with transformer oil oil-filled processing equipment and oil facilities with mobile units, including works on drying, purification from mechanical impurities, degassing, recovery and stabilization of oils. As well as work on drying of the sorbent, used in the operation of oil facilities and oil-filled equipment.
  5. lifting work which encompasses lifting and moving of any heavy transformer equipment on site.
  6. insulation drying technology.




Overhaul and refurbishment of power transformers (autotransformers), including on-site work to replace coils and drying the paper-oil insulation.

Currently in Russia, a substantial number of power transformers of 110 kV and above did their normative term of 25 years. In operation there are transformers that are 40, 50 and even 60 years old. Therefore, to maintain the required reliability of transformers we often have to deal with the need to extend the life through overhauls.

The most important thing is the right choice of repair technology, especially for transformers with a long service life.

The list of works on typical overhaul of the transformer equipment performed CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" includes:

- conducting a comprehensive diagnostic survey
- development of a program of repair work (according to the nature and depth of the defects, the service life of the transformer, the condition of insulation). Preparation of technical documentation, including the plan of reconstruction of individual units, production and project time schedule,
- as agreed with the customer, delivery of components, parts, supplies, adsorbents, additives, etc. for future replacement.
- on-site deployment of mobile repair physicochemical and, if necessary, electrical laboratory,
- delivery of ​​necessary technological equipment to the repair area
- lifting operations, inspection and auditing of the active part, other works on standard nomenclature
- reconstruction of the individual units of the transformer (e.g. replacement of the exhaust pipe with the safety valve, setting the film protection in transformers with air-filters or nitrogen protection, etc.)
- preparation of sorbents and oil (including drying, cleaning, recovery, decontamination, input of antioxidant additives)
- washing and drying of the insulation on a special technology
- commissioning and testing of all systems and components of the transformer,
- full range of electrical tests to be performed during installation of the transformer and after it, in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation,
- full range of transformer oil tests to be performed during installation and after it, in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation,
- preparation and drawing up all necessary technical documentation on performed works,
- post-repair diagnostic testing of the transformer, in the load and idle mode (as agreed with the customer).

All works are provided with a complete set of necessary process equipment, materials and instruments, with the assistance of our physicochemical and electrical laboratories. As well, at the request of the customer, any spare parts and consumables may be purchased.


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If the strain evolves in the transformer windings, the windings have defects caused by overheating during short circuits, damage of the solid insulation as a result of arc or partial discharges, repair with burdening of magnetic core and change of the windings is required. Change of the windings is usually conducted by specialized repair shops and manufacturing plants, this inevitably leads to additional cost. The cost of such repair is close to the cost of a new transformer. Typically, such a repair is economically justified for quite "young" transformers after collision damage. After significant increase of damage, repair of the transformer is not cost-effective or can be technically impossible.

CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" has experience of replacing the transformer coils PAC e f , entrymination, entry on-site. In this case, a list of works on a standard overhaul includes the following:

- production of a defective coil (on the specialized enterprise),
- installation of temporary shelters or moving transformer to repair area,
- removal of the removable tank and disassembly of the active part of the transformer with burdening of a magnetic circuit,
- dismantling the defective coil
- installation of a new coil
- assembly of the active part with burdening of a magnetic circuit and crimping of magnetic core and windings,
- removal of temporary shelters or moving the transformer to the installation site .

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