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About Us

CJSC  SPA "Technoservice-Electro":

General Information:

Location of head office:
3 Barabannyy lane, Moscow, Russian Federation

CJSC SPA "Technoservice-Electro" was founded in 1991 (before the reorganization in 2009 – Ltd. SPA "Technoservice-Electro") and today is one of the leading organizations in the field of technical diagnostics of electrical equipment and in a number of other advanced technologies.

"Technoservice-Electro" is equipped with a fleet of modern instruments and special equipment, owns an accredited electrical and physicochemical laboratory.

The technical staff of the organization have a wealth of experience and expertise and use in their practice not only existing advanced technologies and methods, but also performs a significant number of original projects, as evidenced by numerous patents and registrations, as well as a large number of  Russian and foreign technical publications.

CJSC SPA "Technoservice-Electro" is the official partner of Trench Austria GmbH – the world leader in ground arc suppression coils and also the official representative of SERGI France — manufacturer of TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR, protective system against transformer explosions.

Main activities:

  • comprehensive diagnostic examination of transformer equipment using modern methods and instruments.
  • overhaul of transformers on site of installation using an efficient technology of washing an insulation with oil containing detergent additives. Installation of transformers.
  • development and application of new high-performance systems for acoustic monitoring of high voltage equipment.
  • instruments and methods for measuring and testing of transformer equipment.
  • inspection of grounding using the modern methods of locating the damaged areas.
  • works to provide the electromagnetic safety, development and manufacture of protective shields on the magnetic field of industrial frequency.
  • technical certification of electrical equipment of stations, substations and distribution systems.
  • tech washing isolated power line and substation equipment under high voltage.
  • acoustic survey of switchgears, cable terminations, bushings, busducts and other equipment in order to locate the sources of electrical discharges.
  • thermal imaging inspection of electrical equipment.
  • wide range of analyzes of transformer oils in modern physicochemical laboratory.
  • installation of continuous monitoring of isolation bushings.
  • development and introduction of new progressive technologies in power generation.

CJSC SPA "Technoservice-Electro" performs work and delivery on the basis of:

  • Self-regulating organizations union membership № СРО-С-055-26102009)
  • Certificate of admission to certain kinds of work № С.055.77.2218.12.2010
  • Certificate of registration for electrical laboratory № 082-06/09
  • Testing laboratory accreditation certificate № РОСС RU.0001.22НР41
  • Evidence of the right for activities in the field of energy audits № Э.



A brief list of works:

  • integrated diagnostic survey carried out on several thousands of units of high-voltage equipment (including more than 1,000 power transformers) in Russia and a number of foreign states;
  • major repairs of more than 50 large power transformers on site of their installation;
  • a range of works to ensure the safety of electromagnetic energy for industrial enterprises, research institutes and offices;
  • along with our partnersdevelopment, testing and preparation for mass production of the series of shielding suit models to protect personnel against electric fields of high voltage plants.