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Overhaul and repair of transformers

CJSC SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" provides all types of installation and repair work on the transformers with voltage of 35 - 750 kV. The company has a complete set of technological equipment and qualified personnel for the production of these works. Our service includes the following:

  1. mounting of new power transformers of any size, including works on the conservation of the transformer equipment for long term storage,
  2. overhaul and refurbishment of power transformers (autotransformers), including on-site work to replace coils and dry the paper-oil insulation,
  3. modernization of obsolete transformers, including replacement and installation of new parts and components,
  4. works with transformer oil oil-filled processing equipment and oil facilities with mobile units, including works on drying, purification from mechanical impurities, degassing, recovery and stabilization of oils. As well as work on drying of the sorbent, used in the operation of oil facilities and oil-filled equipment.
  5. lifting work which encompasses lifting and moving of any heavy transformer equipment on site.
  6. insulation drying technology.




CJSC SPA "Technoservice-Electro" offers the following forms of work:

The total volume of the above works, including supply of necessary equipment and consumables, rigging and other typical work, washing and drying of the insulation with cleaning solution, processing of transformer oil, as well as the necessary renovations and other work. If the results of the preliminary comprehensive diagnostic testing allow to reduce the volume of repair work (and thus to reduce costs), together with customer we select the most appropriate maintenance program.

Manual repair, washing and drying of insulation (including the necessary control of physical and chemical parameters of the process), together with a dedicated customer’s repair team, with possible use of customer’s process equipment. In this case, SPA "TECHNOSERVICE-ELECTRO" involves one work manager (chief engineer) and a chemical engineer in common work. If necessary, a test engineer and foreman can be also involved.

Manual control of physical and chemical parameters of washing and drying of insulation. The work requires a work manager (engineer) and a chemical engineer. The scope of work may also include delivery of detergents, stabilizing components, guiding on the preparation of oil and sorbents, sample analysis of paper insulation for moisture content and degree of polymerization, and more.

Regardless of the form of work, in addition to the main technical regulations and protocols, the customer can be provided with a detailed technical report which describes the performed works and the results of repair.