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27 января 2012

A regular meeting of the 78th IEC Technical Committee (live working), late 2011, Rome

In late 2011, in Rome, a regular meeting of the 78th IEC Technical Committee (live working) on the revision of the standard for conducting clothing for personal protection for operation on energized power lines up to 1000 kV and DC current up to 800 kV (IEC 60895 Live working conductive clothing). The team was actively participated by Russian officials: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CJSC NPO "Technoservice-electro" Smekalov V. Vladimir and deputy chief Kiryukhina Elena and General Director of JSC "Energoform" Andrew Y. Vorobiev. Experts from Russia made a number of proposals for the design of clothing and its safety tests, most of these proposals have been adopted by the working group and included in the draft standard.

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